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TEMPE, Ariz., Feb 29, 2024 – GlobalBlock, a revolutionary domain name blocking service has just launched, providing unprecedented protection by blocking available domain names that match the brand and preventing purchase by bad actors.

Covering approx. 600 popular web extensions with more to be added over time, GlobalBlock’s diverse range of protection spans legacy and new top-level domains, Web 3.0, and country codes, representing a new era for online brand protection.

GlobalBlock is the first product release from the Brand Safety Alliance (a GoDaddy Registry initiative), a new organization dedicated to developing innovative digital brand protection solutions for brand owners and supported by dozens of industry leading organizations including Identity Digital, GMO Registry, Nominet, Tucows, Unstoppable Domains, CORE and CoCCA.

Ben Anderson, the BSA Product Director, said online brand protection is increasingly challenging to manage in today’s complex online world.

“Historically, brands have elected to prevent bad actors from imitating their brand online by defensively registering extensive numbers of domain names that include the company’s brand or product names. With the increase in web extensions over the last decade however, managing these portfolios has become extremely difficult given expanding digital landscapes, diverse registration fees and policy constraints.”

Tony Kirsch, the BSA Commercial Director, commented further, stating that GlobalBlock has been specifically designed to provide a streamlined solution to alleviate these challenges and create a new level of control for brand owners.

“Through a single transaction, GlobalBlock comprehensively prevents the registration of domain names that match the brand at the source. Utilizing this innovative service, brand owners can simplify domain portfolio management and reduce the impact of scammers and other bad actors online.”

The GlobalBlock service also includes several key features that support greater predictability and flexibility for brand owners.

For example, the Priority AutoCatch feature captures previously registered domain names that match the brand and automatically adds them to the customer’s GlobalBlock account, preventing the name from being released to the public.

Domain Unblock, another feature of the GlobalBlock service, allows brands to easily utilize names that they previously blocked for temporary or permanent use in their digital activities.

Brian Lonergan, Vice President of Product at Identity Digital, the operator of the widely adopted Digital Protected Marks List (DPML) service, said the unified approach GlobalBlock offers brand owners would revolutionize online brand protection.

“Our DPML service has historically set the benchmark for domain name blocking services and has helped thousands of customers over the last decade. Identity Digital will continue to provide DPML to our customers, but we are extremely pleased to include the entire DPML extension coverage in GlobalBlock to support the BSA’s vision for a safer internet for brands and consumers alike.”

GlobalBlock is now available through a network of Where To Buy.