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Key Features

GlobalBlock is a critical new tool to help manage reputation and reduce the financial and operational burden of managing domain name portfolios by helping:

  • Immobilize scammers and bad actors
  • Save time on endless defensive domain registrations
  • Avoid the costs of litigation, domain acquisition and brand monitoring
  • Gain protection against human error and lost domains
  • Protect brands from the reputational, commercial and technical costs of online fraud.

These benefits are made possible through GlobalBlock’s unique features:

Automatic Protection

GlobalBlock captures all available names that match your brand and places them in your account which prevents bad actors from getting their hands on them.

Global Coverage

With nearly 600 domain extensions covered from around the world, you’ll have unprecedented coverage in one simple and cost-effective transaction.

Domain Unblocking

Have a domain that is blocked but found a use for it within your business? GlobalBlock’s Domain Unblock service allows you to simply submit a request and it’s yours to use as and when you wish.

Priority AutoCatch

GlobalBlock monitors for domains that match your brand name, even those held by others. If these names become available again, they’ll be automatically captured by GlobalBlock and added to your account at no extra cost.

Automatic Domain Assurance

Mistakes can and do happen. To mitigate the risk of losing a domain name, GlobalBlock catches any domain that matches your brand if it accidentally expires or is deleted.

How well protected could your brand be?

Want to know how many domains you could potentially block with GlobalBlock ​or GlobalBlock+? Try our handy Brand Protection Calculator to see how well you ​could protect your brand.

GlobalBlock Calculator

See how GlobalBlock can protect your brand