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In May 2024, the Brand Safety Alliance team traveled to Atlanta for the International Trademark Association (INTA) Annual Meeting, where we were proud to be the Innovation Marketplace Stage Platinum Sponsor.

After several years of planning and development, including countless conversations with brands around the world, it was an honor for our team to connect directly with the IP community and share our new service, GlobalBlock, with the very companies it was designed for.

Nearly 10,000 IP and trademark professionals braved the Atlanta heat to attend the event at the Georgia World Congress Center, and it was a truly invigorating week. Our Team had the pleasure of meeting hundreds of brand owners and IP professionals at our GlobalBlock booth. We were blown away by the level of interest in our product and the positive feedback we received over the course of conference.

Our team supplied visitors to the booth with reports that detailed the level of coverage and protection that GlobalBlock provides. We also covered how the GlobalBlock+ service provides additional protection for brands by blocking against the emerging threat of homoglyph attacks and lookalike domains, often used by bad actors in phishing campaigns.

The team also shared details of the additional features of GlobalBlock, like the ability to unblock and use domains as and when required, and the Priority AutoCatch feature which monitors for expiring domains that match the brand and automatically adds them to an existing block.

Visitors to our booth and those that attended our panel session learned that GlobalBlock can play a significant role in the online brand protection toolkit for brand owners by saving time and resources focused on defensive domain registrations and more.

Unprecedented industry conversations

I was honored to moderate a panel session comprised of leaders across the industry, including CSC, Markmonitor, Com Laude Identity Digital, and GoDaddy Corporate Domains. The session was called: ‘Domain Blocking: How it Works and Why You Should Be Using It’, and we covered the multiple ways that blocking can be used to support brands in their online protection efforts.

Some of the sector’s biggest names came together to share the stage and cover insights and future trends.

With more than 150 years of collective experience on the stage, the panel discussed:

  • Domain names’ foundational importance in brand protection
  • The history and evolution of domain blocking
  • How domain blocking fits into a brand’s protection strategy
  • Features and benefits of GlobalBlock and the type of customers it benefits.

The session was standing room only, and truly highlighted GlobalBlock’s potential to enable the common goal of creating a safer internet for brands and consumers alike.

We are grateful to our panelists and to everyone who took the time to meet with our team over the course of the conference, sharing feedback and asking questions. We look forward to continuing the conversation over the coming months, including at the upcoming Asian Brand Protection Congress in Singapore later in June.

If you missed the chance to meet the team in Atlanta, and learn more about GlobalBlock, please contact an Accredited Agent today by visiting our INTA event page here.

Tony Kirsch

Commercial Director